New MBA county shirts and jackets for 2024 Season

These are the new MBA county shirts and jackets for the 2024 season

The cost will be £20 for both items and they will be wo for all Championship and senior Championship games.

(Friendlies and Presidents games will still be played in white shirts etc.)

It has also been agreed that black shorts/trousers will be wo with the new kit, players are responsible for providing these themselves and are requested to wear them prior, during and after matches.

For any trial games etc. club tops etc are to be wo.

Players who intend making themselves available for either team, please TEXT your name and size ( we think it would be best to order the same size as your club shirts) to the relevant Team Managers ASAP so the kit can be ordered and so that when the teams for the first games are picked the kit will be readily available to those selected and anyone else who wishes to purchase them.

Championship team – Steve Harris

Senior championship- Clive Williams