2022 League, Cup and Inter Association Fixtures

In the MBA leagues we have had two teams drop out, Standard and Monmouth, therefore division five is a bit sparse for this season, hopefully better next year. A suggestion is to arrange to play the other teams a third time, either as friendlies or if everyone agree there can be a third game included in the league, although this would give some teams an advantage of playing home more than others. Obviously fixture secretaries can work around it whichever way they choose.

The withdrawal of Standard and Monmouth also affects the WBA groups which are the reversal of last year, also Pontypool have decided not to play WBA this year. Some groups are therefore short of teams, particularly group 24 which is now a straight knockout between Croesyceiliog and Machen.

In the GBL there are two divisions, one of eight teams and the other of seven, to make this more workable, Chepstow and Abertillery will play in division 2, this was agreed by the executive in the last meeting. The new two rink division has six teams and I have scheduled them to play each other three times. Also, Bailey Park have been placed in this division because they have only registered 11 players, hopefully they will have more success with recruitment in the near future.

The cup has been drawn and is also included on one of the tabs as well as the inter association, although there is a meeting shortly to discuss this competition, I thought it best to put fixtures in place so we are prepared.

Peter Williams
League Secretary