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Monmouthshire B.A. v Ceredigion

Date: Sunday 23 July 2017
Start Time: 14:00:00
Report by: 13:15:00
Match Type: County Championship
Venue: Lampeter B.C.

Rink 1
M Davies Crosskeys
J K Evans R.T.B. Ebbw Vale
R Underwood R.T.B. Ebbw Vale
J Tomlinson R.T.B. Ebbw Vale
Rink 2
A Guess R.T.B. Ebbw Vale
M Stewart Abertillery
D Davies Beaufort
R Jones Beaufort
Rink 3
A King Beaufort
J Berry Panteg Park
O Dando R.T.B. Ebbw Vale
C Klefenz Beaufort
Rink 4
S Toms R.T.B. Ebbw Vale
R Harvey Beaufort
J Nicholls Machen
I Slade Crosskeys
Rink 5
R Griffiths Bedwas & Trethomas
J Wilsher Abertillery
J Griffiths R.T.B. Ebbw Vale
S Batten R.T.B. Ebbw Vale
Rink 6
M Wilde Rhymney Gwent
R Walters R.T.B. Ebbw Vale
P Williams Machen
D Davies Jnr Beaufort


A Fulwood St. Julians
C Jones Beaufort

Bus Pickup Points

Pickup Time Pickup Point  
09:15:00 Whiteheads R Ford, T Leighton, A Fulwood
09:30:00 Aldi Risca B Martin, J Nicholls, P Williams, R Griffiths
09:45:00 Newbridge J Tomlinson, R Jones, J Berry, M Stewart, M Davies, I Slade, A Burnett, P Watkins, A Witchell, G Preece, B Relland, A Cooper
10:10:00 Abertillery Lights J Wilsher, K Blackman
10:20:00 Brynmawr Fire Station P Carey
10:30:00 Carmel Town, Ebbw Vale J K Evans, R Underwood, A Guess, A King, R Walters, D Davies, C Klefenz, R Harvey, S Batten, M Wilde, O Dando, D Davies Jnr, C Jones, S Toms, M Toms